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Hello! I'm Hannah. :)

I'm a director and editor who's drawn to stories of addiction, motherhood, and how systems and institutions shape us. I grew up in a family riddled with alcoholism and mental illness. Many of my family members were in and out of rehabs, prisons, and mental institutions. We swam in a pool of secrets, and we came by those honestly. We are full of drama and trauma and lots of stories. Infused with humor, they’d shine a light on dark times and give us space to heal. This is how I first came to enjoy storytelling, and what I attempt to capture in my work. 

My directed works have premiered at festivals such as SXSW, Lower East Side Film Festival, and Austin Film Festival (AFF) and online platforms such as NoBudge and Vimeo Staff Picks.

My editing clients include brands such as Dodge, Nike, Popeyes, Capital One, Pizza Hut, Museum of Ice Cream, Nintendo, GSD&M, Gizmodo Media, and more. 

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